Realm First Guild Lvl 25 !

Thanks to every Tempting Fate members we reached tonight the Realm First Guild Level 25 !!!! It was an amazing race and very fun !!!!! Congrats Tempting Fate !!!

Tempting Fate helped Cho’Gall meeting his demise!

Congrats to Tempting Fate for their Cho’Gall kill the 28th of March 2011 !!!! This was an intensive fight, but at the end, Cho’Gall couldn’t escape his fate !

The Twighlight Destroyer Destroyed

Tonight we succeeded in clearing the Ruby Sanctum of the malign influence of Halion, the Twighlight Destroyer.  After a few practice runs, we had a very smooth fight, and congratulations go to everyone involved.  (We didn’t take a photo with the body, so you’ll just have to take my word for it ;) )

Blood Queen kill

At last, Tempting Fate has prevailed and the nefarious Blood Queen is no more. Congrats to Califa and Effex for the tokens and to Euréka for her shiny new staff. :)

New stuff !

Hello everyone,

Following Elisirion changes, I have added few stuff on the right side of the front page : calendar and links with them such as addon… (I know I love them to much).

We’ll try and keep add things around but I would like to thanks again Elisirion for this big change to our website which was more a forum site before.


Website redesign

At last, our website got a much needed update. ;) I promise it’s much easier to update than the previous one, so if you don’t see regular updates here, just bug Athmet, Vyal, Devron or myself!

On behalf of the management team, I’m proud to unveil the new website (based on Wordpress and K2) for the Tempting Fate raiding community. If you have any request or suggestion, don’t hesitate to share them on the forums and I’ll see what we can do. :)